League of Reason Presents...
The League of Reason Presents...

The League of Reason Presents... Episode 1: The Yuletide Penance

Show Notes

The League of Reason Presents... is the all new, brand new podcast created by members of The League of Reason forum. Surprisingly enough.

We differ in tone and content from the original League of Reason Show, now cunningly disguised and creeping up behind the anti-science brigade as The Magic Sandwich Show over on YouTube, the most obvious aspect being that we are producing a podcast and not a live call-in show (not that we won't take calls!).

Our aim is to bring our diverse and versatile members together with a new level of interaction and participation. Along with our main topic of discussion, we also give members (yes, any of them) the opportunity to abuse us with shameless self-promotion by submitting content* (this could be - but by no means limited to - an essay on a particular topic for our hosts to discuss, an episode-themed parody song, or a poem you're proud of and want to share with the world). You could be an interiewee or perhaps even host a show! We won't be sticking to any rigid segments outside of the main discussion, so paraphrasing someone funnier than I, the world is our mollusc!

Of course, if none of that is your bag (yeah, I typed that. Sorry), you can still contribute over at the forum by posting episode themes you'd like us to tackle or give us suggestions and links (and criticism, of course) for consideration. Think of it as a sort of digital Woodstock... or don't because there are far to many problems with that analogy.

What follows are links related to the discussion and further reading on this episode's theme, members' contributions, and attributions. We hope you enjoy the show and if you're not a member, we welcome you to go get stuck in!

Proprietary Poetry Pitstop

To my daughter, which I don't have by Noth

"Daddy, is nanny sleeping?" She asks me... at the wake.
I feel a lump in my throat, and that all-familiar rising of emotions,
that is foretelling the welling of tears, courses upwards,
where the strong smile I was building - just for her - is undermined and primed to blow...
I blow my nose instead. "Ahem," I go. "Ahem."

The last time, I remember... the last time I stood here,
't was my grandpa's time, was due
and my niece - then still a toddler, now a lady - grabbed my hand
and unwittingly pulled me through the same stubborn barrier I try to raise today.
What to say?

And while I'm not alone - a fact to which the muffled voices
of my siblings now attest - I cannot rest
and leave the answer to their tried tongues.
But if not for fear of their uncaring motivation -
no, I am sure that they mean well - if not that, then why?
Because I fear they'd lie.

Unintentionally, perhaps, for they all share that same conviction
that decrees "there must be something after life, other than death,
where nanny's heaven-bound to go - if she was on god's 'good-girl list'
which I am sure she is and, well..."
you get the gist, I'm sure.

And that on this we no longer see things eye to eye
seems to be to them the splinter lodged in mine,
at which they stare incessantly like zealous birds of prey
that may or may not strike at any time - and with one fell swoop
they'd scoop up what remains of my paternal dignity...
and leave me high and dry.

Or maybe I'm unjust in my assessment, maybe I -
the godless child - have shown enough to leave the family's pride appeased
and there's no need for weak-kneed worry that my non-religious nurturing will be -
with ill-concealed agenda - rather publicly decried.

A little lost in paranoia, it is a distant tugging at my sleeve
that halts my frantic train of thought, as I envision pleading eyes
that don't need repeat the query...
and I imagine now what then my answer would be:

"I am sorry hun, she passed away, which means she's really gone
and we're here so we can say our last goodbyes."
And then we'd hug, and cry... and it would hurt a while, I'm sure.
But I'd rather that my children learned to cope with loss and grief
than see that hope of reuniting slowly dwindle into cinders,
burnt to ashes at the stake - exposed for lies.

Hosts for this episode were Improbable Joe, Hytegia, and Inferno, with special guests Lemonsnickers1 and Tylzen. Other contributors were nasher168, Noth, Lallapalalable, theyounghistorian77, Australopithecus, and Prolescum.

We're hoping to release the next episode of The League of Reason Presents... in January, so if you want to comment or contribute to the show*, come to the forum or follow us on your favourite social media platform.

You can find us at The League of Reason, Google+, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.

*You'll receive full attribution in the show credits and here in the notes. We will always endeavour to make sure we have permission to use your work before broadcast.
We do not require any copyright assignment, just your agreement that it can be used in the show; all rights to the work remain with you.
This podcast is a non-commercial, community project.


Music: Languatron's Whimsy (intro), It has got bells on (poetry bit) by The Venerable Collection of Entities

© Pseudo Intellectuals Inc. 2011, some rights reserved (CC BY-NC-SA 3.0).

From all of us on the production team - have a great holiday season!